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IP特区会员须知------IP SAR Member Information
发表时间:2008-11-28  信息来源:南京英美尔科技开发有限公司 文字 〖

l       IP特区会员薪酬来自公司产品销售价与出厂价之间差额部份,会员级别越高,获取薪酬就越高。
l       IP特区会员销售产品超出公司销售价的超出部份除去17%税后归会员所有。
l       IP特区会员个人所得,涉及个人所得税项,一律由个人自理。
l       IP特区会员的积分系数、等级增减、业务薪酬,一律由本网后台终端服务器自动计算,为确保IP特区会员个人利益,IP特区会员需不定在网上个人界面检查、核实个人业绩状况,发现出入及时与公司联系进行及时更正。

l       IP特区会员在当地银行重新申请信用卡,作为个人专用帐户,并将银行名称和卡号及时报请公司备案(会员信用卡密码一律由会员自行管理,本公司内部人员在任何情况下无权索取会员信用卡密码)。IP特区会员在每笔业务完成业务全款回笼后,公司将IP特区会员应得薪酬按照所提供的银行名称和卡号打入其个人账户,同时公司将打款查收通知将以手机短信、电子邮件、电话三种方式其中的一种方式(由会员自定)通知IP特区会员。

(1) IP members of the SAR is the company to the community provided a set of fair, notaries, law-abiding, trustworthy, leisure, happy, zero risk and procurement and sales functions better business operating platforms.
(2) IP SAR membership is divided into three categories: First, IP SAR Yi card members; second IP SAR Silver members; third IP SAR Gold. Three directions are based on the standard combination of members of the business performance of the back-end database through automated operations generated (member upgrade, downgrade from the companys Web site data processing center under the companys business performance targets and IP SAR members automatically update).
(3) The registration of all members using real names to register and provide detailed information truthfully and timely to re-apply at the local bank debit / credit cards, as an individual dedicated accounts, and bank name and card number are reported to the company record (Member credit card numbers all the Member self-management, the company staff in any case entitled to obtain membership card password). Interaction between companies and their members to ensure accurate and timely, to ensure that discounts some of our products can be timely and accurate delivery.
(4) IP or IP Kong SAR Silver members Gold members have become the companys backbone network Virtual sales team members, free to participate in various activities organized by the company on a regular basis (each event notifications in the companys Web site News Release).
(5) IP SAR member business processes: F based on personal knowledge of company products resources Select sales channels (specialized client) F contact the company obtain a copy of the corresponding Products F to negotiate with the customer service (custom product customization required to sign the agreement, payment method 50%, 50% of the two payments) F contact the company or a message and wait for the company confirmed that F pay on the spot and informed the companys freight, mail and shipping (custom product, after receiving 50% deposit to organize production, the company notified customers test products, and payment of the remaining 50% of the purchase price, the products after passing, payment, delivery).
(6) the use of IP within the company of staff members learned that the SAR customer information, and to sell, IP SAR members have the right to maintain personal power through legal means. Take full responsibility for the responsibility of others, upon the identification of persons responsible for the company will be removed from processing.
(7) Domestic IP SAR members to communicate with company personnel used the following methods: Phone (in principle, in Mandarin), fax, mail, online messages, express and so on. Foreign IP SAR members and company personnel are used to communicate the following ways: Phone (in principle, in English), fax, mail, online messages, express, letters and so on.
(8) IP SAR Member Salary:
l IP SAR members pay from the companys product sales price and the ex-factory price difference between the part of members of the higher level to get higher salaries.
l IP SAR members sell their products beyond the companys sales price in excess of 17% in after-tax return to remove part of all members.
l IP SAR members personal income, personal income tax items, all individuals take care of themselves.
l IP SAR members integral coefficient, grade change, business pay all back by it automatically calculate the terminal server, in order to ensure that the IP SAR members personal interests, IP SAR members must indefinite online personal interface checks to verify the status of individual performance and found that access to promptly contact the company for timely correction.
l IP SAR members in local banks to re-apply for credit cards, as an individual dedicated accounts, and bank name and card number are reported to the company record (Member credit card numbers be managed by the members of their own, the company staff members under any circumstances entitled to obtain credit cards password). IP SAR members in the completion of each business operating across the section to the recovered, the company will pay IP SAR members should have provided in accordance with the bank name and card number into their personal accounts at the same time the company will fight to inform paragraph will check SMS, e - e-mail, telephone one of three ways a way (by members custom) inform IP SAR members.


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